6 reasons why you should outsource your fitness marketing

6 reasons why you should outsource your fitness marketing

There are probably a lot more than six reasons why it’s a good idea to outsource your fitness marketing to a professional, but let’s get started with six and maybe add some more later!

1. Setup costs

It’s not cheap to get the right software and hardware for a fitness marketing professional. Firstly, you’ll need a computer powerful enough to run all the adobe suite of applications to create digital assets and photo/video content for social media. Photoshop, illustrator, lightroom, after effects application all come with licensing fees, and that’s just the beginning.

Serious SEO analytical tools like SEM Rush also add to the cost of promoting your business and additional apps to schedule social posts on your Facebook business page, Instagram profile and other social mediums all come at a cost. Before you know it your marketing budget is all spent.

The beauty of outsourcing a specialist fitness marketing consultant is that they already have all the hardware and software to get the job done, you only pay for their experience. And they understand the business you are in.

2. Employees are expensive

Let’s be honest, it’s expensive hiring full time employees and no-one knows this better than small to medium sized businesses. It’s no different in the fitness industry. Hiring a full time marketing manager is out of reach for most businesses. Working with a fitness marketing consultant gives you access to the expertise required to meet your business objectives, without the overheads.

As fitness marketing consultants we get paid either by the job (no matter how long it takes us to do it) or by the hour (so we only get paid for the hours we work). This is a big win for SME’s allowing them to have an experienced marketing professional at a fraction of the cost.

3. The knowledge gap and the time paradox.

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein said that, and we all know that true experience only comes with time.

It takes a lot of hard work to gain longevity in the fitness industry. The time paradox is that by the time we’ve accumulated all of this knowledge we often don’t have the time to put it into practice. Perhaps you’ve got young children now and we spend all your time working in the business rather than on the business (that’s the eMyth – great book, I highly recommend it).

If you don’t have the time to properly market your business the best thing you can do is to place your marketing into experienced hands. We are as passionate about the fitness industry and fitness marketing as you are!

4. Versatility with speciality.

Outsourcing your marketing gives you the versatility of multiple employees who are specialists in their fields without the expense of hiring multiple staff. It explains itself really doesn’t it?

5. Creativity

Maybe you’ve done marketing for gyms or other fitness businesses, for years now. Perhaps you’ve never done it at all. Either way, a fresh pair (or pairs) of eyes can bring new, creative fitness marketing ideas that you may never have thought of before to make your fitness business stand out, and your marketing ideas pop!

Sometimes all you need is for someone to take a fresh look at your business and your business ideas to re-energise your marketing.

6. Analytics and Reporting

If you’re not tracking and reporting on your marketing activities, then you’re throwing your money away. Every campaign is a chance to learn what is working and what isn’t and the only way to truly know is to look at the analytics.

Let us do the analytics and the reporting so you know where your marketing spend is going.

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