3 keys to planning successful social media content

3 keys to planning successful social media content

We talk a lot about content in modern digital marketing. Content refers to the stuff you post online, whether its videos, images or words. Here are a few tips on creating fitness marketing content that will cut through your competitors content to put your business in front of your potential clients.

Be Topical

Your most relatable content will be in context with whatever is happening in your readers’ lives ‘right now’. One of the greatest pieces of guerrilla marketing I’ve seen this year came just after Trump won the presidential election in the USA. A local gym created some topical content using phrases like “You won’t TRUMP our prices” to spruik their current specials. I’m not in the market for a gym membership, but the play on words caught my attention because Trump was all over social media at the time. Who is your target market? And what is likely to be getting their attention right now? Find out what it is and create topical content that will resonate with them.

Be Timely

These first two points go hand in hand because content needs to be topical AND timely. Timeliness refers to the timing of the distribution of your content. You’re not going to use winter images and winter promotions in summer, just like it’s going to be pointless talking about Donald Trump at any time other than when he’s running for president, although I do feel the Trump related content will be in vogue for a little while to come.
When planning your social media content take into account things like the season, political events happening both locally and abroad, and any specific events that might resonate with your target audience.

Be Unique

This is the hardest part of creating content because in a digital world where there are hundreds of thousands of blog posts being made every day, truly unique content is about as rare as unicorn farts.

The beauty of our truly digital existence is that we create unique content every day without even thinking about it. Every time we pick up our phone we have an opportunity to take a photo that may never have been taken before. I use an iPhone 7 plus, a Canon 80d, a GoPro Hero 4 and a DJI Phantom 3 to capture content and each of these devices records video in full HD 1080p at frame rates of between 30 – 120 FPS. That’s clear enough to be played on a 50” plasma screen TV. I’ve shot video content with my iPhone that is clearer and smoother than the video from my DSLR camera and that just goes to show how great modern technology is.

Utilise the technology that’s at your disposal. The newest phones take amazing images, and crystal clear video. Use your own images and videos if you can. Not only is it unique, it’s entirely and completely you and that’s what your market wants these days. Honest insights into whatever it is you’re selling.

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